Joshua Murphy

Joshua Murphy is a Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Songwriter.

His solo debut, Lowlands was released via aufnahme + wiedergabe. Lowlands unites dark ceremonial tales, a narrative of sombre procession, atmospheric composition and evocative storytelling.

Joshua Is also a member of Crime & the City Solution, the mixed multimedia project Total Temporary, & the electronic duo MILK ME.

Total Temporary

Total Temporary is a mixed multimedia project, consisting of Artists Hiroyasu Tsuri, Christiania Krueger, and Joshua Murphy, combining mediums of sound art, visual, film, and digital art. Total Temporary ‘A-UN’ was recorded live on the 25th of August 2021 at the Hosek Contemporary Gallery in Berlin. All sounds are composed and recorded, footage captured and art constructed together as Total temporary.

Crime & the City Solution

the killer, the sixth studio album from Crime & the City Solution, and their first in over a decade will be released via mute, on October 20, 2023.

The album began life as a PhD application that came to life when the band’s core members, Simon Bonney and Bronwyn Adams, found themselves stuck in their native Australia under one of the world’s strictest lockdowns, their nomadic lifestyle put on pause by the pandemic. “Naturally,” says Simon, “I sat and I pieced together a PhD application about decision making in Afghanistan in the late 80s. But as it turned out, it was actually more of a record than it was a PhD.”

The PhD and, by turn, the album found inspiration from Bonney’s work delivering aid programmes across the Indo-Pacific region. Through that work, he visited places with high levels of violence and the album, in part, acted as a way in which to process the effect that turmoil has had on his psyche, of the dead bodies in my dreams, that he sings about in the title track. He explains, “There’s no mention of American decision making in Afghanistan on the album, but in terms of subject matter there’s a lot that’s pretty similar; a lot of the record is about loss of faith.”

the killer was recorded in Berlin by the second incarnation of the band to be based in the German capital. Core members Simon Bonney and Bronwyn Adams were joined by Frederic Lyenn (Piano, Bass, Synth), Donald Baldie (Guitar), Georgio Valentino (Synth, Guitar), Chris Hughes (Drums, Percussion) and Joshua Murphy (Piano, Guitar), and for the first time they worked with a producer, the legendary Martin J. Fiedler, who also added Synth and Mellotron to the album.


Joshua Murphy and Catherine Elsässer, as MILK ME, are responsible for the curation and booking of Berlin’s Urban Spree as well as their own roster which includes the aufnahme + wiedergabe label artists and a selection of punk and bizarre. The pair also Moonlight as selectors and perform Hybrid Live sets as MILK ME.

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